LAW 658 - SECTION 1001 (ONLINE) - Spring 2022 - Immigration Law

Remote Instruction Details
Class Format: 
This class will be entirely synchronous.
Zoom link will be provided in class syllabus.
Class Session Recording and Posting Policy: 
Class sessions will be recorded and automatically posted after class.
Recordings will be posted on WebCampus under Files. As the course progresses, I will need to delete older recordings in order to post new ones, so make sure to download the videos prior to them being deleted.
Camera Policy: 
Something else
Please keep your video stream turned on, especially when you are speaking, but I understand that you may need to mute your cameras periodically. Dress and behavior must be business casual. Do not use backgrounds or clothing that would not be appropriate in a business environment. You do not need to wear a suit. However, do not wear hats and head coverings (other than as a religious accommodation), shirts with graphic images or lettering, and the like, or anything that an attorney would not wear to court. If you are using a Zoom background, it must be one solid color. Do not use any pictures or graphics for your Zoom background. Likewise, you should use only the standard screen (solid color with your initials) when you must mute your video.
Number of credits: